Transition planning forward – by Terry Betker

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or so the saying goes. There will be a great many of us that prefer the status quo. Change typically brings with it the unknown. We’ve not done that before. Or the other way of saying it … this is the way we’ve...

Transition Planning Forward

Thoughts on transition – by Terry Betker

I read some statistics on farm succession planning the other day. It caused me to think about a conference I attended in 1999. It was about succession planning. People and presenters quoted statistics about the average age of the Canadian farmer being about 57, if...

Thoughts on Transition

Find your thing – by Scott Kemp

What is your “thing?” What is it that you look forward to doing when given a few minutes of free time? That thing that makes you wish you had a few more minutes of free time so you could continue doing? Does your thing include any kind of movement or physical...

Find your thing

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