Peer Groups

Be accountable, be focused and feel supported while advancing your business.

Backswath Management Peer Groups are a community of agriculture producers and professionals pushing the boundaries of their management practices.

Every Peer Group is structured differently and is often as unique as its members, although at the same time, the groups share similar features and benefits. Each group is made up of individuals selected to ensure a well-matched cohort. The groups meet throughout the year to tackle issues and opportunities currently facing each participant. These groups create an environment where individuals can find and give support, solve problems and achieve their goals alongside equally motivated people.

Each meeting is guided by a trained Backswath facilitator who is supported by the team at Backswath Management. Peer Group members will also hear from speakers chosen from within Backswath’s vast network of industry professionals.

Our innovative, motivated and business-minded participants are often pushed out of their comfort zones to have their assumptions challenged in an environment where they can develop, and benefit from, a deep level of trust amongst each other. That trust lets members openly discuss and navigate a wide range of business challenges and opportunities, including potentially sensitive issues such as family dynamics that arise in agricultural businesses.

Why join a Peer Group?

A Peer Group allows you to carve out the time you need to focus on high-level strategy, develop innovations and stay accountable to your long-term goals. Networking is also a side benefit. Joining a Peer Group will have a direct focus on strengthening your strategic, business and financial decision-making processes.

Your fellow producers and professionals have powerful insights for you and your perspectives will help them.

Learn about our different Peer Groups by clicking the headings below.

Let us help you take your operation to a higher level.

Register now for The Next Chapter of Your Farming Journey – November 12th and 13th 2024 in Regina, Saskatchewan
Register now for The Next Chapter of Your Farming Journey – Nov. 12th & 13th 2024 in Regina, SK