Backswath provides leading-edge management consulting services, tools, and resources to farms and agribusinesses.

The Backswath Name

A ‘backswath’ is the first swath around a field taken in counter clockwise direction. It was common in the past for most farms fields to be fenced. Not only did fences exist, there were hydro-electric and telephone poles to deal with. These potential obstacles had to be taken into consideration prior to field operations, especially before self-propelled, or center delivery swathers became common. Many farmers used pull-type combines that were problematic with unloading augers that were rigidly extended and didn’t fold back against the combine body. These machines could not proceed normally (clockwise) around a field as the machine itself would run into the fence lines and/or the unloading augers would come in contact with the hydro-electric and telephone poles. Farmers would often take a ‘backswath’ or a round around the field backwards as a way of avoiding the obstacles.

The analogy to a ‘backswath’ for farm business management is the need, through the planning and implementation process, to consider and manage the personal and business challenges that will arise – challenges that can potentially work against achieving successful and desired farm business management outcomes.

The Backswath Mission

Backswath’s clients are served through a network of experts providing leading edge management consulting services, tools, and resources to farms and agribusinesses.

The Backswath Vision

Backswath is the leading provider of farm business management and agribusiness expertise in Canada.


Your business. Your success. 

Values and Culture

Backswath is rooted in a foundation of farm family values. What is important to farm families, is important to Backswath.

  • Family
  • Hard Work
  • Perseverance
  • Passion
  • A Love of Agriculture

Core Values:

  • Collaboration – Team player; receptive to feedback; appreciate and leverage other people’s work styles; celebrate successes.
  • Champion Spirit and Fun – Focus on the positive; thrive in a social setting; collaborative, at times; virtual workspace; have the energy needed to get the work done.
  • Exploration – Discover possibilities; create and implement solutions; learn from mistakes.
  • Bold Ambition – Balance between personal and professional to deliver exceptional, practical, and lasting results for clients and each other.
  • Courage to Adapt – Pursue new horizons and take risks that impact the future; move with intention; take it all in and see what to make of it.

Let us help you take your operation to a higher level.