Workshops and Presentations

The education and training that Backswath provides is through an applied learning approach that includes resources such as workshops. Farmers and agribusiness leaders who want to advance their management skills are encouraged to attend these workshops.

Change Management

Change is inevitable; managing change effectively is the key to successfully streamlining it into your business. Communication is important and it’s important to understand how you accept and adapt to change that will affect your farm or agribusiness.

Backswath presents the basics of managing change so you can understand why most people resist change. Learn about:

  • The key elements of implementing successful change
  • Tools and techniques for people engagement and adoption of change
  • How to empower people to accept the change being presented/implemented

Conflict Management

Conflict arises whenever people disagree over values, expectations, perceptions, ideas, or desires. Backswath’s Conflict Management encompasses various components that are integral to the success of your business, including gaining a clearer understanding, better group cohesion, and improved self-awareness.

When managed effectively, conflict can present opportunities for growth and positive change. When not managed well, conflict can escalate and ultimately destroy relationships among family member or team members. Backswath’s Conflict Management workshops and presentations can be broad-based to encompass a formal conflict management plan for your business/family, or can be targeted to specific areas of concern or existing conflicts.

Financial Management

The numbers are big and getting bigger; but what do the numbers mean and in what context are they presented?

The financial management of a family farm business is a large portfolio of different, complementary activities. It also has responsibilities which require a unique understanding, and a specific management focus.

Understanding your financial situation and the importance of effective record-keeping & relationship-building with lenders are just a few areas covered in our Financial Management workshops and presentations.

Health & Wellness

Running a family farm or agribusiness is not your average 9-5 full-time job, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the responsibility, accountability, and work that needs to be done. Managing a successful farm means also taking the time to manage your health and wellness.

Backswath’s informative, interactive workshops and presentations will provide you with tools and knowledge you can apply to your daily life, including:

  • Balancing activity & fitness, food & healthy eating, and mental wellbeing 
  • Prioritizing your health even when busy
  • Achieving a work-life balance

Human Resources

Is your farm business at a point where you are thinking of growing and increasing productivity by adding employees? Is your current employee management communication lacking? Every farm has unique human resource management challenges and whether your company has many employees or is family- owned and operated, HR is important in maintaining or increasing your productivity.

Backswath Management Inc. has developed a comprehensive and phased approach to managing a growing business, or assisting with challenges a farm is facing. Sessions focus on: Recruiting and Hiring, Coaching and Building, and Advanced HR Management.


Strategy is a journey; it is about making intentional decisions that will impact your future direction. It requires that you take the time to define where you are going as an organization so you can plan on how to get there.

A strategic plan will benefit your farm or agribusiness over the long run as it is crucial when talking to lenders, business partners, and family members. Strategic thinking and planning provide a solid overview of what your farm is trying to accomplish, including production, operations, marketing, human resources, and financial management.

Backswath can provide a workshop or presentation on strategic planning, or we can educate you on how to use a strategic approach to farm and agribusiness success.

Stress Management

Stress management tools should be a part of your daily life. It’s important to act when you notice negative changes in your functioning, or how you treat yourself and others. When you become consumed by work, responsibilities, critical incidents, conflict, or a host of other life events, it can have a detrimental effect on your business and relationships.

Backswath’s workshops and presentations will help you learn how to manage stress through discipline and daily practice by teaching you how to tolerate and cope with stressful situations. Learn how to understand what you can control – such as your farm’s schedule, attitudes, and responses – when there are things you can’t control – such as weather, emergencies, and stock market fluctuations.

Succession and Transition Planning

Succession and transition planning aim to facilitate and accelerate sustainable transitioning though a participatory process of visioning, learning, and experimenting. Effective succession and transition planning involves looking ahead and planning for a viable and profitable future. Whether internal or external, it also helps prepare you for the successful sale or transfer of the farm business.

Combination Workshops and Presentations

If you are looking for training, information, and resources in other areas of farm and agribusiness management, Backswath can prepare and present workshops & presentations that will meet your needs.

We offer different options when it comes to the length and content of the workshops, including making it brief, a half day, full day, or 2-day sessions. The workshops are organized in terms of content as either introductory or advanced.

Let us help you take your operation to a higher level.