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Transition Management

A step-by-step transition management process that is aligned with your farm's strategic direction. Guiding farms through each step and helping ensure the financial health of the business is being maintained.

Virtually everyone who is involved in agriculture is aware of the challenges farms and farm families encounter when contemplating succession. The traditional approach to succession planning takes the family situation, integrates it with tax and legal considerations, to develop the plan. In contrast, Backswath Management Inc. takes a business-first approach and tactically integrates family communication, strategic direction and management transition with tax and legal strategy development. The underlying principle is that a successful business is easier to transition.

Backswath Management Inc. uses a step-by-step approach, with options tailored to meet the specific needs of the farm family. In discussion with a Backswath consultant associate, the farm family determines when their plan needs to be completed and ready for implementation. Once determined, a step-by-step schedule is established that 'works back' from the plan completion date to the commencement date.

The Backswath approach includes three phases: readiness assessment, plan development, and implementation. It focuses on the process rather than completed technical documents. Structured and active communication, facilitated by a Backswath consultant associate, is designed to ensure that all stakeholders have opportunity for input and remain informed.

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