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Peer Groups

Farmers can apply to participate in Backswath's Peer-to-Peer Network. Participating farmers derive value from their association with peers in a facilitated 'farmers learning from farmers' environment. Information (generally managerial in nature) flows within and between the groups that comprise the Network. Participation has three components, described as follows:

Component One – Peer Groups
Group Composition -
Farmers complete an application. Backswath reviews applications and 'places' farmers in peer groups. The intent is to organize groups of peers.

Typically 6 or 7 farms but can be up to 10 farms. Having more than 15 people (approximately 8 farms) in attendance requires careful facilitation so that each individual is able to be actively involved in the discussion. Groups may include participants from different sectors.

Farms will be at least an hour apart. The distance helps to ensure that people are able to speak freely and openly. There should not be any element of competition. Farms can have similar or diverse operations. Peer groups with participants who are progressive and have a business management orientation have better outcomes.

Groups can change over time. Farmers can opt to resign and new members can be brought in.

Component Two Benchmarking
Farmers can participate in a financial and managerial benchmarking exercise.

Component Three – Backswath's Annual Network Event
Farms participating in Peer Groups are eligible to attend Backswath's annual Network Event. The Event will take place during the winter at a mutually agreed upon location, such as Phoenix.

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