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JOSEE LEMOINE, Chief Operations Officer

Josee Web Ready 2017Josée Lemoine has been working as a management consultant since 1998. She was Vice President of Business Development at Encore Business Solutions where she led the launch of a procurement software program developed for the ethanol industry. Josée founded Pivot Performance in 2008, a management consulting company specializing in strategic planning and facilitation.

In December of 2018, Josée took on the role of Chief Operations Officer with Backswath where she is responsible for the overall operations, overseeing the consulting and specialty practices as well as a key player in the expansion of Backwath's EAGLE software.

Throughout her career Josée has worked for and with technology-based companies. With Pivot Performance, Josée provided strategic advice and strategic planning services to three software development companies and resellers.

Josée is a Certified Management Consultant, has completed a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in International Business from the Asper School of Business, including a semester abroad at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo, Brazil and completed a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish from University of Manitoba. Josée studied in Lisbon, Portugal for a year in 1990-1991. Josée is currently the incoming Chair for the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Manitoba and Member of the Advocacy Committee for CMC Canada. She was a Board Member of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority for 5 years from 2011-2015 and a member of the Resources Committee (finance and human resources). Josée was President of the Board of the Festival du Voyageur from 2002-2004.

 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 65892 copy   TERRY BETKER,
    President and CEO

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 Josee Web Ready 2017   JOSEE LEMOINE,
    Chief Operations Officer

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6636   DENISE FILIPCHUCK,
    Consultant Associate

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 Barry1   BARRY SMITH,
    Sales and Lending

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 67002   LEE HURTON,
    Executive Assistant

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 Ewert1819 03774 web   CATHY BELL,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6698   GAVIN BETKER,
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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6613   KEVIN KIRKWOOD,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6625   CLIFF HARRISON,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 66602   GERRY FRIESEN,
    Conflict Management

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 Juno1   JUNO,
    Director, Security

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