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TERRY BETKER, President and CEO

June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 65892 copyTerry Betker, P.Ag., CAC, is President and CEO of Backswath Management Inc., a Manitoba-based company that originated in 1992. Terry has an interest and passion in providing consulting expertise to farmers, focusing primarily on strategic business and succession planning, financial analysis, and risk management. Consulting to agribusiness has been, and continues to be, part of the service suite.

Terry is recognized for his visionary and leading-edge contribution to farm management. He is further recognized for his work at Meyers Norris Penny (MNP) where he was a Partner and Director of Practice Development in Agriculture for over 12 years. Terry was responsibile for strategically positioning MNP at the farm, industry, and government level within Canada. Terry initiated the development of the agriculture consulting practice across MNP.

Terry's 17 years experience as a grain, oilseed,and special crops producer in Western Manitoba, gives him first-hand insight into the issues producers face. A popular speaker on management issues, Terry has delivered presentations to the Canadian Bankers Association, American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, American Society of Agricultural Consultants, American Association of Production Executions, major farm lenders, international food product and supply companies, agri-marketing and farm management associations, and numerous farm groups. He has made presentations on farm management in the United States, the Netherlands, Chile, Mexico, and New Zealand. He is also a sessional instructor on farm management at the University of Manitoba.

Terry is the Canadian representative to the International Farm Management Association. He is a founding member of He is a past director of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. He is a member, and past director, of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists. He is past president of the Canadian Consulting Agrologists Association. Terry is also past founding national director of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors. He is past director of the Canadian Farm Business Management Council. He was appointed to a committee, by the Federal government Minister of Agriculture, to review Business Risk Management program development and implementation. He was appointed to a national committee to report on, and recommend changes to, farm income reporting standards. Terry is a registered consultant with the Government of Saskatchewan Farm Business Development Initiative (FBDI). He is also a regular contributor to farm newspapers and magazines in Canada.

 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 65892 copy   TERRY BETKER,
    President and CEO

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    Consultant Associate

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 Josee Web Ready 2017   JOSEE LEMOINE,
    Chief Operations Officer

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6636   DENISE FILIPCHUCK,
    Consultant Associate

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 Barry1   BARRY SMITH,
    Sales and Lending

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 67002   LEE HURTON,
    Executive Assistant

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 Ewert1819 03774 web   CATHY BELL,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6698   GAVIN BETKER,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6613   KEVIN KIRKWOOD,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6625   CLIFF HARRISON,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 66602   GERRY FRIESEN,
    Conflict Management

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 Juno1   JUNO,
    Director, Security

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    Record Keeping

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