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Meet our New Team Member

Backswath Welcomes:
Barry Smith

We are pleased to announce Sales and Lending Specialist, Barry Smith, has joined the Backswath Team!

Barry1Sales and Lending Specialist, Barry Smith
has a passion for farm business management - feeling it is the key to enabling Canadian Agriculture to compete in a global market. He is passionate about helping individual farmers compete in their local market, and be successful in reaching their personal, family, and business goals. Barry specializes in Agricultural business, Agricultural economics, farm business management, and sales.

Our team members add a wealth of experience and expertise to Backswath - see the areas of expertise the Backswath Team offers.

Coming Events

Farm Progress
- June 21-23, 2017

Farm Business Development Initiative

We have Backswath Consultant Associates registered with the Government of Saskatchewan Farm Business Development Initiative (FBDI).

Visit our TEAM BIOs to find an FBDI registered Backswath consultant.

Want to know if your farm management needs may be eligible for funding? Contact a Ministry of Agriculture Farm Business Management Specialist, or visit

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