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Voices from the Field

"Agri-food Management Excellence (AME) uses the Eagle program to benchmark the alumni from its management training program for farmers.
Terry Betker also uses it to teach finance in two two-day modules in the program using the farmers' own data.

The results have been extraordinary. Eagle organizes the data and presents ratios in ways that make eminent sense to producers. They can easily use it to diagnose problems and help them identify potential solutions.

Never have we heard such positive comments as since we started using Eagle for our course. Most fundamentally, our clients understand what their financial statements are telling them from a managerial perspective. They are making better decisions both in operations as well as in investments.

We can't recommend the program highly enough."

- Larry J Martin, Ph.D., Dr. Larry Martin & Associates, and Agri-Food Management Excellence, Inc.


"The EAGLE agricultural program was presented to our firm just over a year ago. We are very impressed with the dynamics of the program and the thought that has obviously gone into its development. We are in the process of designing a delivery mechanism within our accounting practice to incorporate components of the EAGLE program to deliver to our farm clients. Farming business as become increasingly obvious that those farmers that focus on better management techniques will be the ones that rise to the top and continue to operate successful operations. All farmers have the same opportunities and tools of the trade, but it will only be those that focus on superior management techniques that will survive.

The EAGLE program is designed by a group that is well versed in the farming industry. Terry and his associates 'speak the language' and farmers are increasingly seeing the value that his program provides. We are anxious to begin its delivery to our farm clients and see the results firsthand."

- D. Scott Anderson, FCGA, Anderson Strath, Certified General Accountants


"Our farm has used the Backswath EAGLE program to analyze farm financial performance for over three years. Financial ratios tell us how we're doing and allow us to improve weaknesses and leverage strengths. Tracking trends over time allows us to measure improvements in trouble spots and identify negative trends that require action. They also provide confirmation when we are making the right decisions and heading in the right direction. The visual illustrations are a helpful and easily understood way for my partners and I to look at the trends and comparisons and help us make decisions.

Effective management means focusing limited time on the things that will get results and the balanced management assessment is a tool that we use to guide where our focus should be."

- Margaret Hansen, Woodside Farm Partnership

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