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Backswath Management Core Services:

    • Transition Management
      A step-by-step transition management process that is aligned with your farm's strategic direction. Guiding farms through each step and helping ensure the financial health of the business is being maintained.
    • Growth Management
      A structured approach that aligns strategic direction with financial performance and management functions.
    • Human Resource Management
      A tailored approach that brings process, structure, and support to a farm's HR needs.

    • Financial Management
      An easy to understand approach that brings clarity to a farm's past and future financial performance.

Backswath also specializes in:

    • Benchmarking
      A comparative approach that benchmarks financial and management performance against a select homogeneous group.
    • Peer Groups
      A peer-to-peer approach that helps farmers strengthen and advance management practices.

    • Education and Training
      An applied learning approach for farmers who want to advance their management skills.
    • Advisory Boards
      A dynamic approach that helps farmers optimize performance through formalized external management resources.

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