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Backswath Management Retirement Calculator

How does the Backswath Management Retirement Calculator work? What are the results? 

Using the data you will enter in the Calculator, and applying some projections and assumptions, the BMRC is a tool that provides a 'peek' at your financial picture in your retirement years. More specifically, it answers the following questions:

  • Am I saving enough money for retirement?
  • If not, what is my shortfall?
  • What if (scenario X) happens?

It tells you if you are saving enough for the kind and length of retirement you desire. If it anticipates that you might fall short of those goals, it can tell you by how much (displayed as 'underfunded years', not a dollar amount).

It also provides the opportunity to analyze some 'what-if scenarios' where significant events can be taken into account, and their potential effect on your retirement finances. The results are presented in a yearly format. For example, you may find your retirement funding falls short of your life expectancy by a few years. Alternately, you may find you have more than enough savings to finance your retirement, so you might want to use some of that extra money to invest, spend, donate, etc. This is valuable insight.

Download a free copy of the Backswath Management Retirement Calculator Template, and How-To Guide, so you can take a 'peek' at your own financial picture in your retirement years.

*Adapted from Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiative's RetirePlan

Download a copy of Jacquie Gerrard's Power Point presentation from Crop Connect 2016 - 'Retirement Dreams vs. Successor Aspirations'

Did you know?  Information can be taken from the the Retirement Calculator and applied to your farm's financial performance to see what, if any, impact there may be - Apply your farm's information today, using the Backswath Management Inc. EAGLE Program.

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Farm Business Development Initiative

We have Backswath Consultant Associates registered with the Government of Saskatchewan Farm Business Development Initiative (FBDI).

Visit our TEAM BIOs to find an FBDI registered Backswath consultant.

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