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Backswath Balanced Management Target

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How would you rate the overall "balance" of your farm management?

Poor? Moderate? Optimal?

Backswath Management Inc. designed a diagnostic tool to illustrate the balance that exists within and between the primary management functions (Marketing, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations) on your farm.

It will help you pinpoint areas that require attention and will provide information relevant to the development and implementation of growth and intergenerational transition plans. Improperly balanced management, especially in growing and transitioning farms, can result in significant business challenges that have an undesirable impact on your financial performance.

This management tool illustrates that any management area where:
<4.0 - Shows performance is less than desired and management attention should be a priority. It should be attended to before proceeding with growth or transition plans.
<4.1 to 7.2 - Shows performance is adequate but management attention is required. Farm management can proceed with growth or transition plans cautiously.
>7.2 - Shows performance that illustrates management strength. Growth or transition plans should not experience difficulty in this management area.

Real Farm Example
In order to analyze their farm management practices, each family member (Betty — yellow; John — maroon; Jim — grey) independently completed the assessment.

Their scores showed similar patterns of relative management strengths and weaknesses. Betty's score is more positive but not to an extent that would require further analysis. There is an apparent need to address challenges in human resources, as reflected in the lower scores.

Independently, John, Betty, and Jim identified three areas of their operation where some enhanced management focus was required. After comparing and discussing these management priorities, they agreed on two operations priorities and one human resources priority. Action plans were developed, implemented, and monitored for each of the three management priorities.

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