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Strategic Management, Effecting Change and Taking Charge of your Farm’s Financial Management

Date: Jan, 2016
Author: Denise Filipchuck

Is it possible to make a profit and not have any cash?
Is it possible to make a profit and not get a good return on investment?
Is it possible to have cash without making a profit?

Strategic Management and Effecting Change

Date: Apr. 8th, 2015
Author: Denise Filipchuck

Strategic management is defined as anticipating, adapting to, driving and capitalizing on change; or in short doing the right things, not just doing the things right.

Examine retirement needs, goals to ensure sufficient finances
Issues to consider

Date: Nov. 8th, 2013
Author: Terry Betker

The financial needs of the retiring generation are often not worked through in detail when developing a succession plan. This critical piece of the plan is unintentionally lost in tax and estate planning discussions. It's important that retirement living costs be analyzed in detail to ensure that enough money will be available to support the standard of living that the retiring generation desires.

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