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Functions of EAGLE

Benchmarking - Compares financial performance to:

  • past performance,
  • peer groups,
  • financial targets (customizable),
  • industry standards, and,
  • forecasted performance.

Historic Analysis - Calculates ratios and displays graphical trendlines in the following four areas:

  • liquidity,
  • solvency,
  • profitability, and,
  • financial efficiency.
  • Establishes a baseline on which forecasts are established.

Forecasting - Establishes a baseline by averaging past performance and applying the average to a farm's current financial position to determine where the farm is tracking financially.

'What-if' Scenario Capability - Tests the impact of management and ownership decisions on financial performance comparing the decisions:

  • to past performance,
  • to the forecasted baseline performance, and
  • to financial targets established by the farmer.

Cashflow Analysis *Currently in development and coming soon - Develop a detailed monthly cashflow built on a preferred scenario.


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