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EAGLE - Financial Analysis Software Program

Backswath Management Inc. is pleased to announce EAGLE, a financial analysis software program, is now compatible with AgExpert.

What is EAGLE?

EAGLE is a cloud-based, financial analysis software program built on a forecasting model. The software provides farmers with a set of valuable collection of financial ratios, indicators, and related information that they can confidently use to analyze the financial performance of their farm. There are no production-related metrics, meaning no 'per acre' or 'per animal' calculations. EAGLE, therefore, is applicable for use on any farm regardless of the farm's sector.

Being seamlessly compatible with AgExpert is just one of the one the general attributes EAGLE offers. Financial and managerial benchmarking software, forecasting software, comparative analysis / scenario planning, trendline analysis, and online cloud-based data storage and access are also some of those attributes.

More specifically, farmers have praised the Program's simplicity, ease of use, and clean presentation, and found value in using it as a decision making tool. Whereas consultants found a wealth of value in the multifaceted program that offers multiple applications, for example, finance, management, human resource management, and risk (see testimonials here). 

EAGLE Ratios for Registered Users

Working Capital
Working Capital Percentage
Return on Equity
Return on Assets Ratio
Owner's Equity
Owner's Equity Ratio
Operating Expense Ratio Description
Net Operating Profit Margin Ratio
Interest Expense Ratio
Gross Margin Ratio
EBITDA Description
Debt to Equity Ratio
Debt to EBITDA Ratio Description
Debt Structure Ratio
Debt Servicing Ratio
Current Ratio
Contribution Margin Ratio
Capital Turnover Ratio
Amortization Expense Ratio
License Agreement

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