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JACK WEEKS, Specialist, Record Keeping

Jack2Joining the Backswath Team as part of Backswath's Record Keeping Service Line, Jack brings a wealth of experience in helping clients with their book keeping, and related analysis.

Jack was working as a Loans Officer with the Bank of Commerce Loans Department in Winnipeg when he was transferred to Dauphin. He started Beef farming in Dauphin, before he worked the next seven years with Benco Component Industries for prefabricated homes. Jack then started with Meyers Norris Penny to do the National Cost of Production study for Dairy Farmers of Canada, and the Canadian Dairy Commission for 25 years. He has been on his own offering bookkeeping services to over 20 clients for the last 18 years.

"Advancing farm management has been part of my job as an Advisor for the last thirty years," says Jack. "I advise farmers where their strengths and weaknesses are – for example, telling a client they are not getting the most out of their feed, or what they should be getting – I help them find efficiencies when it comes to their farm operations."

Jack travels all over Southern Manitoba, visiting his clients located in places like Virden, Foxwarren, Miniota, Killarney, Dauphin, Steinbach, La Broquerie, Grunthal, Tolstoi, Woodlands, Lake Francis, Lockport, and Dugald.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jack lives with his wife Shirley west of Brandon in Kemnay, MB. Jack enjoys riding their three horses, and continues to farm – taking hay off of 100 acres.

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