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CATHY BELL, Consultant Associate

Ewert1819 03774 webCathy earned a BSc in Home Economics and started working with the Alberta Government Department of Agriculture as an extension home economist. After five years of working in the field, she acquired a master's degree in adult education (MAEd.) because of her interest in extension and education in general.

About this time, she met and married a farmer from the Drumheller area of central Alberta, Canada. For the past 30 years she has been actively involved in the family farm's grain, legume and oilseed production. With the children leaving for post-secondary education, Cathy had time to follow an area if interest and concern, namely trying to understand the complexity of farm succession and the struggle many families have with this transition. Toward this end she pursued, and recently completed, an MSc. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from California Southern University, focusing on family businesses and succession.

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Current Opportunities
- Executive Assistant/Office Manager, Winnipeg MB
- Bookkeeper/Accountant, Winnipeg MB

Deadline for application is August 19th, 2019

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