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June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 66602A self-proclaimed recovering farmer, Gerry Friesen grew up on the farm. He took over the family farm in 1983, and operated the farm until 2007. From 1990 to 2005, Gerry was heavily involved in the agricultural sector serving on boards such as, Manitoba Pork Est., Manitoba Pork Marketing, Canadian Pork Council, and Keystone Agricultural Producers. This involvement provided him with an opportunity to experience agriculture around the world.

Since 2000, Gerry has dealt with farm families as they seek to deal with financial issues. In 2007, he got involved with the Manitoba Farm and Rural Support Services. Aside from his private practice, Gerry provides mediation services to the Manitoba Farm Mediation Board, Farm Debt Mediation Services, and the Automobile Injury Mediation office. Gerry holds certificates in Conflict Resolution, Crisis Intervention, and Crisis and Trauma Response. He is a member of CAFA, Family Mediation Manitoba, and Alternate Dispute Resolution Canada.

Gerry facilitates workshops on a variety of topics including effective communication, conflict resolution, and stress management. A combination of his own life experiences, training in conflict resolution, and intensive counseling training provide him with the tools to help others who are struggling. He feels equally at home around a boardroom table, or the kitchen table. Learn more about Gerry at or

 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 65892 copy   TERRY BETKER,
    President and CEO

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    Consultant Associate

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 Josee Web Ready 2017   JOSEE LEMOINE,
    Chief Operations Officer

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6636   DENISE FILIPCHUCK,
    Consultant Associate

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 Barry1   BARRY SMITH,
    Sales and Lending

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 67002   LEE HURTON,
    Executive Assistant

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 Ewert1819 03774 web   CATHY BELL,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6698   GAVIN BETKER,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6613   KEVIN KIRKWOOD,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6625   CLIFF HARRISON,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 66602   GERRY FRIESEN,
    Conflict Management

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 Juno1   JUNO,
    Director, Security

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    Record Keeping

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