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KEVIN KIRKWOOD, Consultant Associate

June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6613Having joined the Backswath Management Team in the Fall of 2013 as Consultant Associate, Kevin specializes in human resource management.

Kevin worked for Cargill as Management Services Advisor, where he delivered an FMS product programs to clients and prospective clients by working collaboratively with the sales teams. Using their Customer Relationship Management tool, he would regularly communicate with the sales team, informing them of the service provided to the client and any other sales leads.

Kevin oversaw operations for five of the Tri-Way Fertilizer ltd. retail locations. While forecasting and budgeting for Way Fertilizer, Kevin also specialized in designing performance reviews, setting objectives for entire staff, and creating new safety procedures and policies.

With certification to sell Cargill's HR and Safety Products, Kevin has completed the Dale Carnegie Sales Management Course, Fundamentals of Sales Management, Introduction to Hedging/Futures and Options, Managing Performance, Market Planning for Field Managers at Purdue University, Frontline Professionalism, Business Management Certificate, and is also trained in Grain Coordinator. Kevin is a registered consultant with the Government of Saskatchewan Farm Business Development Initiative (FBDI).

 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 65892 copy   TERRY BETKER,
    President and CEO

FBDI registered
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    Consultant Associate

     *FBDI registered
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 Jack2   JACK WEEKS,
    Specialist, Record Keeping

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6636   DENISE FILIPCHUCK,
    Consultant Associate

*FBDI registered
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 Barry1   BARRY SMITH,
    Sales and Lending

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 67002   LEE HURTON,
    Executive Assistant

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6698   GAVIN BETKER,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6613   KEVIN KIRKWOOD,
    Consultant Associate

    *FBDI registered
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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 6625   CLIFF HARRISON,
    Consultant Associate

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 June 09 2016-June 09 2016-PEN 66602   GERRY FRIESEN,
    Conflict Management

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 Juno1   JUNO,
    Director, Security

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    Record Keeping

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